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Ha long Bay

Hello all,

Yesterday was crazy (like always here in Party Hostel Hanoi)
I finally decided i got accustomed to the Asia atmosphere and after booking one more night again (because i don’t want to leave tomorrow at 6:00) i’ve booked a 3day 2 night trip to Ha long bay (Castaways, again some sort of party tour… but hey, what’s life without a party?!?).

I kind of like all the crazy people i met so i’ll be hanging with them for a bit longer.

After that i’ll be returning to Hanoi and then i’m planning to head south.

Ha Long Bay Trip starts at 19 JAN

-xxx- Jay (as Jeroen is not pronouncable, Toi La J(ay) :)

Back to school

Firsts firsts firsts….

All new experiences….

Learn to backpack is quite the challenge i’ve noticed… and ofcourse as a backpack virgin; i brought too much stuff, but it’s still manageble.

So that’s why it feels like im back at school. the tour though hanoi (by the hostel) was cancelled today, but that didn’t stop me. I met Trang during breakfast. Trang is a vietnamese girl who took me though Hanoi, which is a really good experience with a local (probably even better than the guided tour by a westy already stuck here for a few years)

We’ve gone to St. Josephs Church and walked around Hanoi for a bit. Then it was time to get street smart. Trang learned me everything about prices, good shops, bad shops and … mostly FOOD!


We started off with a Hanoi beer, Fryed Banana Cake and fryed potato cake. Walked a bit more, then went for some Pho (pronounded Fur, like `vieze Fur`) which is noodle soup (with beef)

After that it was time for a Egg yoak coffee (with condensed milk) and my first vietnamese lesson.


Now i’m back at the hostel, now for the hard part… Where to go next???

I’ll probably extend my stay in Hanoi for a day because i’m still getting used to Asia and Backpacking… the jetlag doesn’t help either. But who knows… i might meet some new people and change my plans (which is happening constantly)

Let’s see if i can contact NL for some personal updates via Skype or Viber.

Keep you updated :)

Good morning Vietnam

Well well well… Where did I end up? Party hostel downtown (buffalo) on may may street in Hanoi…

Hanoi, Buffalo Hostel, downtown

The jetlag was a bit crazy but my Australian friend decided it was best to drink it off with a handgrenade ( Jaegerbomb with extra tequila shot)
Was a great idea in the end as I was knocked out in bed at 21:00 and slept like a baby.

My Aussie friend I met at the airport.

After dinner on the side of the street
Now I’m prepared for a tour around Hanoi to get a bit acquainted with Asia… It’s a lot of new experiences to soak up; getting into this new life style, but already enjoying it to the fullest! ^_^