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Not so happy 2017… WARNING … WAARSCHUWING World War 3?

Update: #NoAds

WAARSCHUWING! 3e wereld oorlog?

for English scroll down…

TL;DR; -> Be warned… WW3 might be coming…

It’s ALL about these two articles!

Beide berichten zijn in het Engels geschreven… maar misschien kan Google Translate je helpen als je niet zo makkelijk Engels leest.



WARNING! 3rd world war?
THIS MESSAGE TAKES 1 HOUR TO COMPLETE (15 min read, 45 min of shock)



Well… Maybe i wanted to let 2017 start with a BANG…
and it did…

While i was gone… (i’ve been away backpacking)
i missed this… Jul 23, 2016


READ FIRST POST -> POSTED 2016-07-23 (10 min read)
And then i missed this… Dec 19, 2016

READ SECOND POST -> 2016-12-19
  (5 min read)


If you get it…

SCRAMBLE FOR 45 minutes


you get that i just was not so zen… for 45 minutes.
World… a Happy 2017!

Jeroen Stolp





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The Singapore sling

A totally different experience than anything I’ve had so far… Singapore. City of fines.

Such a modern city, where east and west meet. Everything is in English, Malaysian and Chinese.

On the first day:

  • Lunch at Lau Pa Sat.
  • Walked down to the Marina
  • Went to gardens by the bay
  • Went to see the awesome skyline (for S$23 😭)
  • Went home because we started the day at 02:00
Lovely food here
Indian at the hawker centre
Marina bay sands
Super trees at the bay
Singapore flyer and the F1 circuit
A floating football pitch

The second day:

Buzzed around on the MRT some more.

  • National Orchid gardens in the botanic gardens
  • Got a bus though the bustling Orchid street.
  • Had a few beers at the Singapore river.
  • Went for some trampoline jumping @ Amped Singapore
  • Got a shower (it was 34 Celsius)
  • Dressed up fancy and went for dinner at the promenade.
  • Saw Singapore at night
A dragon in Singapore ;-)
To the garden with my Ginger
Drinks at Clarke quay
All fancy for dinner
Supercars in Singapore
Singapore at night

The last day was basically going to the airport… but we did a quick stop in Chinatown and had some food.

The Singapore sling

Next post will be our adventure in Vietnam!