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Last days in Vietnam and off Thailand… Unprepared

After the adventure on the Fansipan (read it here if you missed it)
Went back to Hanoi for our last day in Vietnam before flying off to Bangkok.
The one thing I didn’t do yet in Hanoi was visit Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum!

Stuck in Aranya Prathet

Helloooo all,

We are kind of stuck in Aranya Prathet. The last “city” before the border with Cambodia. There is actually no English speaking person in the whole town and we seem to be the only two tourists.

We decided that we should eat something and we had two personal waitresses and 3 barkeeper’s…

Tonight we are the only two people on the dancefloor…

We are going to dance in “Fusion” style…


Hope we reach Cambodia tomorrow.. For now it’s a quick beer maybe a dance and then a good sleep, don’t sleep though the alarm tomorrow and cross the border.