A summary of my year: surfing, backpacking and developing software… all blogs combined.

Hello, it’s almost 2017! So here is an overview of my blog in 2016.


This blog is set to be posted at 2016-12-31 23:00:00 CET (GMT +1, Amsterdam) (1 hour before 2017)
[ That is 2016-12-31 22:00:00 UTC (GMT +0, Greenwich) ]


January (view posts)

– Holland
– Vietnam

The Final Ride

The Final Ride

Said goodbye to my motorcycle… :(

Bye LeaseWeb

After a final goodbye… My final sprint report of 2016 to @leaseweb… or so i thought… ­čśë

Sprint 1

Hello Hanoi (South-East Asia)

Back to school

FEB (view Posts)

  • Thailand
  • Cambodja

Mar (view Posts)

– Cambodja
– Australia
– Indonesia(Bali)

April  (view Posts)

Landen: Indonesie
Home: Bali

Bali… I can write a lot of blogposts about it… (and I did :)

May (view Posts)

– Holland
– Indonesia, Bali

Home: Haarlem, Nederland

June (view Posts)

– Holland
– Indonesia, Bali
– Singapore

Back to Bali

The journey continues… Back to Bali


The Singapore sling

July (view Posts)

– Vietnam
– Thailand

Vietnam -> Top of the Fansipan (3143 meter)

The Fansipan hike (Phan Xi P─âng)

August (1 Post)

  • Thailand
  • Holland

Northern Thailand: Chiang Mai / Rai and Pai

I actually landed… 29 august 2016 2016-08-29 14:45:00 CEST (GMT +2, Amsterdam) or somewhere around that time :)

Sep, okt, nov – No blogs

Dec (view Posts)


So what happened? I got home in September. Found a new job. At MyParcel.nl in Hoofddorp.
Started there 2016-11-01… and in December we moved to a stunning new office!

This blog is more of a prequel It’s one more hour to the next blog… which will be the last one of this year! :)