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Not so happy 2017… WARNING … WAARSCHUWING World War 3?

Update: #NoAds

WAARSCHUWING! 3e wereld oorlog?

for English scroll down…

TL;DR; -> Be warned… WW3 might be coming…

It’s ALL about these two articles!

Beide berichten zijn in het Engels geschreven… maar misschien kan Google Translate je helpen als je niet zo makkelijk Engels leest.



WARNING! 3rd world war?
THIS MESSAGE TAKES 1 HOUR TO COMPLETE (15 min read, 45 min of shock)



Well… Maybe i wanted to let 2017 start with a BANG…
and it did…

While i was gone… (i’ve been away backpacking)
i missed this… Jul 23, 2016


READ FIRST POST -> POSTED 2016-07-23 (10 min read)
And then i missed this… Dec 19, 2016

READ SECOND POST -> 2016-12-19
  (5 min read)


If you get it…

SCRAMBLE FOR 45 minutes


you get that i just was not so zen… for 45 minutes.
World… a Happy 2017!

Jeroen Stolp





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Mega swell, pizza, airplanes and back to Nam

Hello sorry for not blogging soo long. Usually i’ll pop out a blog every 3/4 days, now its all gone a bit to smithereens.

On the 9th had the best pizza in Bali! Nusa Dua Pizza!

Nusa Dua pizza
Nusa Dua pizza

Then a huge swell and super high tide hit Bali on the 10th… mega swell footage

the 11th was a weird day, since i kinda loved abandoned things in Nam, i though why not hunt for those in Bali. So i went and found this abandoned airplane

#abandoned #airplane

A photo posted by Jeroen Stolp (@jsxhawk) on

On the 12th, went surfing in Kuta Beach. We played a game of “Boter-Kaas-en-Eieren” with a dude on the beach, the wager was a beer. After losing the game, everyone at the Surf rental wanted a beer. in the end spend like 10 euro on beers… but well… it’s still vacation.

The ticket to Vietnam is purchased and the visa (30 days, single entry) is arranged. First singapore and then off to Nam… the only problem is that it’s rainy season in the whole Asia continent….

And today (14 Jun) it’s also a quite rainy day here in Bali. So i don’t really know what to do today, but i’ll figure something out.

Tomorrow the plan is to go Urban exploring in Bali’s abandoned theme park and then continue on to Ubud to go swim in some waterfall and explore the Rice terraces of Tallengang.

Till Blogz!!! -xxx- J

Chilling in the kos

Kos 168 in Jimbaran. (It’s KOS not kost or koste :P) The place I now call home. It’s some kind of social living. You share a pool, kantine and WiFi. Everyone has his/her own little room with shower and toilet.


Wednesday a party on the beach.
Yesterday I dropped some fellow Kos habitants off at the airport. The traffic in Bali is organised chaos… Not so chaotical as in Vietnam. There are more traffic lights and rules but still scooters own the road… Overtaking left or right wherever there is room.

It takes a bit of time getting used to driving on the left, but now im a real Indonesian pro.

Geger beach yesterday.

Geger beach

A few bintangs, swimming and just relaxing in general.

After that some drinks back at the Kos.


After that a party in La favella in Seminyak, Kuta.

And tonight its time for a pool party.

Ulawatu with Temmy

I think I met my Indonesian twin brother.
Yesterday I met up with Temmy. We have a lot in common and we immediately had some sort of connection.

Me and Temmy

Had some breakfast and went to his “cost” a sort of living situation where you get a room with shower and toilet, but you share a pool, canteen and other facilities. And there are like 20/30 others and all is a quite social happening. “Ons kent ons”

After that we went to Uluwatu beach for my first reef break ever. It was pretty crowded and I didn’t catch a lot of waves due to that but it was still and awesome experience; paddling out over a reef full of tropical fish, getting bitten by the plankton and fighting the current to get back to the sheltered beach (between two rocks) where I could finally rest again.

Surf's on at Uluwatu

After that it was some R&R back at Temmy’s place, where I’ll be crashing tonight.