Hello all,

I’ve made it to Bali. Haven’t been blogging a lot lately, mostly due to the unavailability of free internet in Australia. But the last week was a good one. Skydiving, scuba diving, rotnest island ( cute quokkas!!! ) and an awesome time in Fremantle.

As soon as the plane dipped down to Bali I got the weird feeling of coming home. I saw a few boats in kuta harbor none like our Dutch boats and the scenery looks nothing like Holland. Still the weird feeling of Home.

After my couch surfing buddy picked me up from the airport and drove me via a restaurant (1€ super nice local food) to my hostel, it’s now time for some well deserved rest. Tomorrow I will check-out and checkout the beach here in Kuta. Should be a 1m swell and a lot of locals and rubbish to dodge… It’ll be fun they said 😉

For now. AC in the room and off to bed, because man it’s ballsweaty hot here.


also my flight was really chill because I had 3 seats for myself :)

Good times!