I love this city! It’s quite, not too touristy. Here be dragons is a great hostel and the tuktuk driver was a real gem to find.

We started of our day on a bamboo train (single track) so you have to disassemble it if you encounter a oncoming train.

Which is no joke in 40 degree heat, blistering sun and windless…

Bamboo train tracks

The Asian safety standards are proper… (There are none)

After that we went to a crocodile farm (breeding little crocodiles for export… I.e.  wallets and bags)

Again, Asian safety standards… ( no fences)

Asian safety
Mothers of future wallets

Then we went to the bat caves and saw about a million bats fly out to go hunting…. That was an impressive sight!

Bat train
Bat swarm

Now I need to decide what to do for the coming 3 days… I don’t want to go to Bangkok yet…

my Sisters view on Cambodja (Dutch)