Er is een tijd van komen en er is een tijd van gaan… De tijd om te gaan is nu gekomen. Marieke het was top met je!

Little sis

I’m off to the capital of Thailand.
Little sister to the capital of Cambodia.

Tomorrow time for a new continent, I can finally put the Australia travels part in my blog to the test.

I’m planning to go surfing, both in the sea and on some couches. Might consider a dive or two. Definable go snorkeling. And after meeting up with my surf buddy… Visit Esperance!

— update 9th March.

Stralya here I come!!! Now on my way to the airport in Bangkok. Contemplating if I should bring some extra tobacco or not and whether to declare it or not…

I might go with honesty to avoid the fine and see what they do.

I’m not too keen on flying with Jetstar but who knows well see!