5th of April

Sooo… Temmy is working for two girls who are doing a agriculture project for their university. Helping out with translations and instructing the locals.

I joined him to go to the farm, a nice change of scenery and a cool experience. Only the farmer had to go to Denpasar unexpected (this is Bali after all) so the plan kinda fluked.

Future Babi goreng?

So now we are on our way to solve the hutspot issues and then I’ll make a nice Pot of good old Dutch stew. Probably we will get some chicken gravy and chicken sausage to create the perfect dish.

Hutspot in Bali

In the evening I picked up Julia and Dimitri from the airport and I officially passed my Balinese drivers exam (driving in the pouring rain)

Rain in Bali is like a monsoon!!!

6th of April

Chillaxing day, started off by sleeping in and then we took the scooter to Canggu. Temmy, 2x Julia, Dimitri and Fanny had never surfed before but wanted to try.

So I offered to be their surf instructor for the day. We had great fun and everyone made good progress. I can be a very proud of my students. Echo beach is a nice break for beginners but the more advanced surfer can also have loads of fun in the back of the lineup.

Tomorrow we will continue the lessons at Kuta Beach, also very nice for beginners.

Surf class: Kos 168

Till next time!