The Battlesnake Winter Classic – Day 1 – November 16th, 3pm PST… (2019-11-17 00:00 CET)

DutchViper from Haarlem, The Netherlands…

First up: Brackets.


Belgium & The Netherlands in one go…


Battlesnake Day 1 group overview
Battlesnake Day 1 group overview


Tournament Day 1:


First fight (42 turns):


Ravioli vs CrazyRunner vs The Jim Bay Jimmys vs Belgium vs Byte-Me: The SQL vs Dutch Viper vs Oliver King

11 x 11 board

Fight 1: 6 snakes in battle


Game 1:  I get into a head-on-head with the finalist Ravioli.
Game 1 - Turn 42
You can see the fight live in action on the stream:

Fight 2: 5 snakes in battle

In Turn 7. I get a 50% chance (2/2) on a head-on-head… i flipped a coin… Resulted in Death… :(
Byte-Me: The SQL had 3/3 possible head-on-head’s lined up…
Game 2 Turn 7
Game 2 Turn 7

So in Turn 8….

Poor Belgium, already trapped in turn 8
Poor Belgium, already trapped in turn 8
Head-on-Head Collision with Byte-Me: The SQL… awww too bad.
I’m going to see if i can improve my standing…

Two weeks to improve!

Currently in Ladder on I’m #34 of 62  with 41.69 points…
Let’s improve that for the next time… Rematch for Tournament Day 2 (30 Nov 2019)

Stay tuned! For more BattleSnake updates!

Jay, The Dutch Viper