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BattleSnake Royale Tournament in 1 hour

BattleSnake Tournament Stream #DutchViper starts in 1 hour!


Watch The Dutch Viper in Group B!



Watch it live in 60 minutes at


Competition in Gold was super tough… 30 snakes, in 3 points!!!




#62 – 599 points stuffaddis


Group B lineup:




Wish me luck the competition is tough!


BattleSnake Revived again!

Yeey! DutchViper is back for more battleSnake!


Checkout this Crazy Royale Game


I’ve upgraded my previous Snake from 2019 Winter classic.


Now It’s spring 2021, a lot has happend. As a programmer / professional, my employer Flexkids turned into the KidsKonnect group awesome.

I got a better at GoLang, and now i’m back to get Revenge on Ravioli and my 1000x bugs that nagged me during the Winter Classic.


See you on 10 april 2021 20:00 CEST for the first Live Stream, the Royale BattleSnake Spring League Clash!


Check Date/Time in your Timezone.


See you in the Steam?


Team DutchViper.


Check Current Ranking = #44/70 – with 599 (league: silver/gold) points at time of Writing.


Battlesnake Winter Classic – Tournament 1

The Battlesnake Winter Classic – Day 1 – November 16th, 3pm PST… (2019-11-17 00:00 CET)

DutchViper from Haarlem, The Netherlands…

First up: Brackets.


Belgium & The Netherlands in one go…


Battlesnake Day 1 group overview
Battlesnake Day 1 group overview


Tournament Day 1:


First fight (42 turns):


Ravioli vs CrazyRunner vs The Jim Bay Jimmys vs Belgium vs Byte-Me: The SQL vs Dutch Viper vs Oliver King

11 x 11 board

Fight 1: 6 snakes in battle


Game 1:  I get into a head-on-head with the finalist Ravioli.
Game 1 - Turn 42
You can see the fight live in action on the stream:

Fight 2: 5 snakes in battle

In Turn 7. I get a 50% chance (2/2) on a head-on-head… i flipped a coin… Resulted in Death… :(
Byte-Me: The SQL had 3/3 possible head-on-head’s lined up…
Game 2 Turn 7
Game 2 Turn 7

So in Turn 8….

Poor Belgium, already trapped in turn 8
Poor Belgium, already trapped in turn 8
Head-on-Head Collision with Byte-Me: The SQL… awww too bad.
I’m going to see if i can improve my standing…

Two weeks to improve!

Currently in Ladder on I’m #34 of 62¬† with 41.69 points…
Let’s improve that for the next time… Rematch for Tournament Day 2 (30 Nov 2019)

Stay tuned! For more BattleSnake updates!

Jay, The Dutch Viper

BattleSnake “HeadHunter” update


So i’m entering the battlefield…

After testing solo mode a lot. I added new logic to dodge possible head-to-heads with bigger snakes.
With my longest path mode enabled, i even had some fights where i just won because i was the last snake alive…


But i could’ve ended the game earlier…. how?

By going in for the kill…


I’ve added new logic to my snake to be more agressive… let’s see how it plays out in BattleSnake!


I’m going in for the kill ūüėÄ


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