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Battlesnake Winter Classic – Tournament 1

The Battlesnake Winter Classic – Day 1 – November 16th, 3pm PST… (2019-11-17 00:00 CET)

DutchViper from Haarlem, The Netherlands…

First up: Brackets.


Belgium & The Netherlands in one go…


Battlesnake Day 1 group overview
Battlesnake Day 1 group overview


Tournament Day 1:


First fight (42 turns):


Ravioli vs CrazyRunner vs The Jim Bay Jimmys vs Belgium vs Byte-Me: The SQL vs Dutch Viper vs Oliver King

11 x 11 board

Fight 1: 6 snakes in battle


Game 1:  I get into a head-on-head with the finalist Ravioli.
Game 1 - Turn 42
You can see the fight live in action on the stream:

Fight 2: 5 snakes in battle

In Turn 7. I get a 50% chance (2/2) on a head-on-head… i flipped a coin… Resulted in Death… :(
Byte-Me: The SQL had 3/3 possible head-on-head’s lined up…
Game 2 Turn 7
Game 2 Turn 7

So in Turn 8….

Poor Belgium, already trapped in turn 8
Poor Belgium, already trapped in turn 8
Head-on-Head Collision with Byte-Me: The SQL… awww too bad.
I’m going to see if i can improve my standing…

Two weeks to improve!

Currently in Ladder on I’m #34 of 62  with 41.69 points…
Let’s improve that for the next time… Rematch for Tournament Day 2 (30 Nov 2019)

Stay tuned! For more BattleSnake updates!

Jay, The Dutch Viper

BattleSnake “HeadHunter” update


So i’m entering the battlefield…

After testing solo mode a lot. I added new logic to dodge possible head-to-heads with bigger snakes.
With my longest path mode enabled, i even had some fights where i just won because i was the last snake alive…


But i could’ve ended the game earlier…. how?

By going in for the kill…


I’ve added new logic to my snake to be more agressive… let’s see how it plays out in BattleSnake!


I’m going in for the kill 😀


<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

My debut next week

Hello all!


I didn’t write a post for a long long time, but here goes…

I’m competing in the Battlesnake 2019 Winter Classic!
We are taking Battlesnake tournaments into the cyber-streams with the Battlesnake Winter Classic! This will be a three tournament series running over November and December that will have snakes battling it out for the title of Winter Classic Champion.


Dutch Viper!

My Logo for the Winter Classic 2019

I mainly program in PHP professionally. This was a great opportunity to try something new… so my snake is written in Golang.

I’ll enter the rookie bracket, since it’s the first time I’ll compete (My snake wasn’t ready for the battle last year…)


Wish me luck

When does it happen?



My First Tournament Ever! – Saturday, November 16th @3:00 pm PST.

That’s midnight next Sunday 00:00  (CET +01) for you folks in Amsterdam, make sure the beer is in the fridge this saturday night!

The tournament will be streamed live on the Official Battlesnake Twitch channel.


For more info visit the official blog.



Alicante the final day

Always shitty the last day, especially if you are flying and the weather is not cooperating (although better than at home)

So what do you do?!?

Drink and eat! Jamon de iberico!

Tapas and cocktails! Because the museum I wanted to visit was closed… Too bad. Just enjoy the Costa Blanca to the fullest.

And I did. I found the best spot in Alicante;

but the Garda civil kicked me off :(

But I did get a really nice shot which is rather unique (since it’s out of bounds)

Now to grab my stuff I left at the hotel and onto the airport! Back to Holland… :(

All good things come to an end. And this is the end of my awesome trip to Alicante.

And it all ended with a triple chocolate cake… 🍰

And now it’s like 19:30 and I’m Waaaaaaaaaay tooo early at the Aeropuerto… F*ck me a 2-hour wait. Lucklily i brought my laptop and there is ample WiFi avaiable… So Netflix is possible 😀

Aah…. It was all worth it!

Till the next adventure. Jay over and out.

Alicante Day 2: Sunday

Decided to have the same breakfast at the same place… €4,50 not bad!

Everyone was looking their “Paasbest” because it’s Easter ofcourse! Now (12:15) fireworks are already being prepared and tested I guess for tonight.

Currently I’m having a Tinto de verano at SoHo Heineken best the port.

But after breakfast I decided to climb the walls of the Castello. Definitely worth it!!! Remember the elevator on the way down is free! And the walk up is amazing so don’t go up with the elevator.

Castello Alicante

After a coffee at the top of the Castello, went down (for free!) And landed at the Beach. After some strolling around markets I landed at a terrace… Is it time for Tapas yet?!?

Port from the Castello

No! Time for a big parade with Jesus and Maria as central pieces.

Easter parade

But after a bit of Catholic culture… Time for…

Patatas bravas y Sangria!!!

And then some siësta again. After snoozing and calling sweppie in the USA I was very hungry…

So let’s score some beef! And why not the ‘Pan de la casa’ but what I didn’t know was that the bread was served plain… In a takeaway bag… Without butter or anything.

I had some with my entrecote, the rest I saved…

Because like anywhere in the world there are beggers and homeless. The ones who don’t deserve this lovely bread said no, but I made one guys day, since he was genuinely very hungry and accepted it with gratitude.

I fulfilled my Catholic dues this Easter.

After the casino, I headed into town. But the vibe is currently not there, must be all the old farts now sitting out the winter as Benidorm Basterds… Or because all the academia’s currently are having exams…

Although the cocktails are lovely as ever at my favorite spot on the Esplanada de Alicante!

So ill go score some Netflix (although I need to fix my VPN else I have everything in Spanish…) on my tini tiny travel laptop. While uploading some pictures to the corporate website of Meander. Which is celebrating it’s 5th year online without downtime! Thanks for that guys and girls @ – lovely hosting.

Living the life! Till blogs!