Hello all,

Great to hear from various sources that everyone likes my blogs so I’ll ramp up the frequency whenever I can. Currently I’m in the imperial city of Hue, pretty French oriented here…

A golden Dragons ass with a view on the palace

Today I went to the citadel of Hue and that’s pretty much everything this town has to offer.

Random roof in the citadel

But no problems because I really look forward to tomorrow’s drive. The famous “top gear” Ha Van pass between Hue and Hoi an. After the pass it should be way better weather and smooth sailing south.

Selfie at one of the entrance gates

So I’ll spend an extra 2$ to get some proper motorcycle gear and save my precious hands from getting rash in case I hit the tarmac.

It should be a 3hour drive to Hoi an but first some precious ‘off the beaten path’ Urbex (Urban exploring) in a abandoned waterpark here in Hue which according to the legend still has real alligators inside…

I’m still teamed up with Natasha for the moment but time flies and its almost time to separate and go our own ways.

Natasha at some pond in the citadel

I’ve decided to skip Nha trang as what I hear seems to be a beach resort city filled with Russians. (No wonder the last surfclub was closed in 2012)

But in a  month or so there will be ample opportunity to get a few nice waves (Perth, Australia & Bali, Indonesia … Possibly Malaysia or Manilla after that because I need an outbound ticket to get my Indonesian Visa)

For now I’m having a bit of food, then probably the beer will flow and the party can get started.