Sooo… This isn’t gonna be a long post because I have to catch a bus in a bit. Crazy as I just came off a party island / booze cruise and am catching a bus to Sapa in a bit (3hours)

Backpacking can be hectic I guess, but its great fun in the end. The island was filled with ppl from “stralya” and the accent is pretty bad ha-ha.

Ha long was really nice, kayaking and I did my first ever wakeboarding… Got up at the fist get-go and then lasted for 10minutes jumping wakes and avoiding boats. Even the Vietnamese driver was surprised; me as well… But I’d recon that’s pretty common… I suck at ballsports but am a natural at all on water or requires balance.

I hope Sapa is less hectic so I can update this post a bit and get a good rest tomorrow…

— update from Sapa:

So ha long bay… What can I say. A bit of a mix between bootcamp and spring break. If you got caught using the words “ten” or “mine” you had to do T-E-N pushups…

Castaways island

So that was pretty funny, people getting down for pushing up regularly; in the mid of the dancefloor, in a kayak on the beach. There was a group of “shakas” from Australia that had to do all kinds of challenges.

– 1 before 9, 11 before 1.
– sleep with a tour guide
– little spoon a stranger
– get naked

Booze cruise

Just to name a few; and most of em had them checked off already. The booze ran out on our cruise because of the insane amount of liver bashing being done. But in the end a great experience I didn’t want to have missed out on.

Party time

See you soon!