​Woke up at 7:00 had a brekkie. Then got to the bus at 8:30. Our tour guide and some other vietnamse passengers did some acapella songs though the bus mic.
Now it’s of to the first stop: a 200 year old pagoda. The Vinh Trang Pagoda.
Then went on the bus, gone to the Coconuts candy factory. Had lunch after a quick horse ride. Then saw a competitive battle of catfish catching. Then into another boat to go to honey tea and we held a boa constrictor. 

The pose wasn’t my idea…

Then into the traditional canoes. 

Look at these Vietnamese hats!

Then we had some fruit with traditional music (our tour guide joined as well) the last song was if you’re happy and you know it… clap your hands.
Back in the boat… got a monsoon on our head. And back in the bus. Then it was time for the biggest surprise of the day.. the hotel: excellent. Fast WiFi, shower and a bed!
After some beers and a delicious Beef (Bó) BBQ with a lovely pepper sauce it was time for bed.
Day 2: started off with the biggest confusing breakfast ever. I didn’t quite catch what the options were… so I went like: noodles?!? And our waiter was like: Noodles! And I was like: Noodles?!? And so we got noodles instead the rest of the restaurant which all got fried eggs…
Then I was dying for some coffee. So in my best Vietnamese I ordered two black coffees, only forgot to add the word for Hot. So we got ice coffee instead…
Let’s see how the rest of the day will shape up. Our singing tour guide Minh will come pick us up any minute (7:00)
So after a short bus-trip, we got into the boat and got squashed like canned sardines… there isn’t much legroom and mandatory swim vests aren’t helping for the comfort level.

Swim vests on! All cramped in the boat

But after a short trip we arrived at the biggest floating market in Vietnam. All boats had their anchor buoy replaced by the items they sell (sweet potato, durian, pineapple ect.)
After that we went to a rice noodle factory to see how they are made. They cook 80% rice powder with 20% starch, then they make a flimsy pancake which dries in the sun for 5hours then gets cut up to Noodles.
Went back on the boat to go to a local restaurant/ weird farm. Where they sold frogs, rat, pigeon, snake and other local delights. But… pretty common on this trip, we weren’t really sure what we where doing from 9:30 – 10:30 early lunch?!? 

Ever tried frogs from a Vietnamese BBQ?!?

Now we are Oscar Mike (On the move) again in our little snug fit boat.
Basically to go and have real lunch and keep faffing around until the bus shows up… 
Now (13:00) we are on the way back to HCM city.
Ready to pickup laundry and on to the next adventure… Mũi Ne!