Well I better start putting some DEET on and some long clothes because I’m feeling like candy for those damn vampires. Until now I was only stung once, this horrible 20 hour drive gave me about one sting every hour.

The trip was horrible but now I’m in the mountains for what I’ve already seen this is a really nice place. Time to get some food! and Tiger balm to prevent the bites from itching.

— update 16:00

Well finding a nice Aladdin style pants in this town is harder than it seems. The place is way more crowded than Hoi An, and traversing the town on foot is generally a hike & adventure combined  because everything is steep and the streets are narrow. But that will be a fun thing on a Honda tomorrow ^_^

My bus ticket to Mui Ne is also set 2 Feb and I’ve got an open ticket to Saigon from Mui Ne, with 4 busses a day shouldn’t be a problem even with Vietnamese New year coming closer every day.

Since I haven’t have any nice pictures from Dalay yet here are some nice oldies gathered from my new Facebook friends.

Castaways group
Lunch on a boat in Ha long bay

— update 1 Feb 8:00 ICT

Family hostel is something else then a commercial hostel. Today renting a bike and go see some more waterfalls.