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Daily Archives: 2016-02-02

Fun roads in Dalat

Wow… The Hai Van pass was a stunning road but the trip to elephant waterfalls had a equal amount of awesomeness.

Scooter, tarmac and perfect road

And the view was also really nice!!!

The stunning view

The waterfall was really nice and my parkour skills came in handy because I seemed like the only one who could navigate all the rocks and dangerous paths around without breaking a sweat.

The thác was really nice and I’ve even been under it. The only thing which wanted to make me cry was the insane amount of litter around… :(

J @ Elephant waterfall

We also took a cable car (doppelmayer) so just a regular Safe Austrian skilift and saw Dalat from above.

Dalat from the cable car

Then we chilled out a bit with the monks in the pagoda…

Spot the monk

Today its time to split up with Natasha and go get some waves! Mui Ne is the place to be for Kitesurfing in Vietnam but there is also a good amount of swell incoming so my timing couldn’t be better. It’s time to get the surf on!

If you ever go to Dalat visit the “maze” bar (100 rooftops) because that’s a real good experience which isn’t allowed anywhere else in the world because of safety regulations… But there are none in Asia :)

In 3 hours I will leave and head off to the seaside. Keep you updated.