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Daily Archives: 2016-02-07


Its Tết Nguyên Đán or Tết for the sake of ease.


So again I wish you all:

Cung Chúc Tân Xuân ( best wishes for the new spring)


Chúc Mừng Năm Mới happy new year!

This is the year of the monkey.

Me and the monkey

And with a new year, time for a new country: Thailand!

Adventure to Koh Tao via Bangkok

ok… I had to make some last minute plans today… and i dunno how it’s going to work out.

All times are displayed in Indochina time (ICT).

I’m currently still at the hostel (7feb, 11:00) checking out in one hour.

Then i still have a few hours to kill until my flight
I’m boarding tonight at 20:55, flight (FD 659) leaves at 21:35 (SGN) and lands at 23:05 (DMK, bangkok)

— 8 Feb —-

I have no clue what to do for 6 hours in bangkok because i have to be at the ferry around 5:30 *feb 8* if all goes well (i only have a verbal confirmation from some dude on the phone) i should be in Koh Tao at 14:30 and im definatly going to book a hostel there :)

Should be a few nice chillaxing days to kill and then i’ll backtrack my way back to bangkok.

I’m probably going to be a wreck by the time i’ll get there but i’d recon it’s worth it.

Keep you updated!