The last day of flash packing… Now back to backpacking. I.e. no more hotels, let’s go back into the hostel world. Back to basics!

This was the last day with Stephen, but I’ll have a new travelbuddy pretty fast. She’s landing in Siem Reap tomorrow, has blue eyes and is related… Guess who ..

But planning aside I’m now in a mini-van OMW to the north which should take about 6 hours. Plenty of time to write a nice blog post about today.

It was a sober trip today, one which shows the insanity of Pol Pot. So many people where killed, he had crazy ideas.

Mass grave

The photo above shows a mass grave, the many bracelets offered to allow all the souls a nice place in heaven.


I also left a bracelet at the mass grave of many mothers and children.

The audio tour made me feel quite sick, so many horrible things happened here.

At the end we showed our respect to the skulls of literally over a thousand people; many more are still burried under the ground we walked today.


Then it was time to part I had to catch this mini-van and Stephen had to go to the airport to return to the freezing windy place we call home.

Bye bye Stephen

Have a safe trip home Steph!

Update 18:30 ICT —

Steph you’ll never guess who I’ve met in the small town of Kampong Thom totally random at a small little restaurant. Frans! Our teammate from the magic sponge Pub quizz!!!
I’ve quickly grabbed a bite with him and who knows maybe I’ll see him in Siem Reap