Advanced adventurer… (Wreck-, night- and deep diving) Cleaner fish… Laundry… Locals and losing track of time… And my next diving certificate

When having fun: You lose track of time, date and weekdays…

But still two days left on Koh Tao, spend mostly underwater or studying for my exam.

Today we did all the boring stuff, navigation under water (I didn’t get lost! And navigated back to the boat yeey!)
Also was made to be the dive leader (the more experienced diver, responsible for checking air and making decisions)

Next dive was in the underwater playground playing around with weights and buoyancy, for navigation in the wreck tomorrow :)

The real surprise came when some little cleaner fish though my open wound needed cleaning and started nibbling on it hahaha. Scared me to death the first time it bit but then I just let him/her clean it; weird sensation but it looks great now :)

Update (21:50/ICT)
Well… It turns out to be a underwater scam by a smart fishy… It was this fish (false cleaner fish) instead of this one: blue streak cleaner

Pro tip of the day… Watch out for scams even underwater ­čśë

cleaned by my little fish friend

On the subject of cleaning, Thailand redeemed itself… I found a great supermarket / laundry shop. The family who runs it are the nicest locals I met in Thailand so far.

Laundry is clean aswell

Tomorrow I’m finishing the couse by going to 30meters and visiting a wreck underwater. If the residual nitrogen doesn’t make me too tired I’m up for a night dive in the late afternoon / early evening. The 14th will be a total travel nightmare… Ferry back to the mainland and then a bus to Bangkok. Then Stephen arrives the next morning!!! Yeey Cambodia here we come!

Till next time!